The Cloudtrees (to Jong Won Park)

by The Starclad

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The future is now. And it is a bright one.

Dedicated to Jong Won Park and his amazing art.


released October 21, 2013

Artwork by Andrey 'Orochi' Sazonov.

Dedicated to Jong Won Park. Happy Birthday, sir! You are really amazing!

Inspired by Jong Won Park's art, Aglaia's music and M. Dolinina's personality.

Andrey 'Orochi' Sazonov would like to thank all his fans, friends and family members for their constant love and support. You guys are amazing. I am very grateful to you!

Special thanks to: the Internet (for all the possibilities provided), Jong Won Park (thank you for your amazing art!), J. Lamzina, 'Can this even be called music?' blog and Dæv Tremblay, Marina Jordanova, OrochiSquad, Abstract Deviation, Dawn Sanctum, DjentFM, Robots Pulling Levers, Devolved, LVM Trio, Amogh Symphony, Carltron, Soul Cycle, Sithu Aye, Mad Essence & Fatum Squad, Second To Sun, Cryostatic Dream (Sasha!), Time Machinery, Takamagahara, NonEgos, Jacek, Blackstone, Mill.Kill.Way, Aspyrsia, Adam Fulara, Mr. Fastfinger, Natasha Matveeva, Asura Crying, Combat Astronomy, Tint, Skybridge, Paradigm Shift, Above the Earth, David Maxim Micic, Monuments, Ever Forthright, Uneven Structure, Tavx.



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